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Many would look and listen to Prophetess Atrice Hubbard- Brown; and see the power and the praise behind her anointing, and would have to wonder how a woman could become so powerful in the kingdom of God. The only way you could even begin to understand is to hear her story. Born on the 20th day of March in 1971 in a family of three older brothers the odds many would say were already stacked against her. Early in her childhood, she suffered a pain that no young girl should have to endure. Been raped, molested, no counseling, and no help, just terrified. The seed of rejection, rebellion, manipulation, and sexual promiscuity was planted. How does one deal with an experience as traumatic as this? Being young and not having the relationship she should have with the Lord, she buried these things inside and just learned to live with them as a child. While she was barely over that episode of childhood experience just a few years later she was forced to revisit that entire episode again. Why should a child have to deal with so many traumatic experiences, in such a short amount of time? In the innocence of her childhood the symptoms of hurt intensified; depression, suicide, and the most ultimate trick of the enemy to tell you that it was your fault. So you begin to question, relive, and rethink what happen to you over and over again until you believe the lie of the enemy. She walked through life thinking and hearing about God and yet wondering why she is suffering so early, so soon, and so hard. It's that frame of mind as a child she believed that justice had been denied. It is when God himself comes to you and speaks, that you begin to understand. What you go through is not for you but for someone else.

 There are many that spoke into her life and prophesied the things of God, but there is nothing better than when you know him for yourself. It wasn’t until she began to learn of God as he would begin to speak words of healing and deliverance that would set her free from the bondage of childhood trauma. A highly sought after speaker God has taken the damaged goods of her past and made it into the perfect peace of her future. It was then that she understood justice was delivered by the one who knew the plans of her life from start to finish. Now she is able to walk in a kingdom anointing that will set-free even the most hardened hearts they will find the pains of the past and present is only for their future.  She understands that God has called her to do something greater. Therefore if any understand her warfare as a child they can be enlightened to the wisdom she brings to anyone who is dealing with abuse, neglect, and rejection. She can bring the witness of the power of the Holy Ghost that God does heal where it hurts. Prophetess Brown has also been recognized as a 2015 NAACP Award Winner.

 Prophetess Brown is the Biological Mother of 3 boys Ralpheal, Reginald, and Antonio but has a host of spiritual sons and daughters. She has been a Faithful member of the East Birmingham C.O.G.I.C under the leadership of Bishop Peter Wren Sr. Through all of the Hurt, the Pain, and Disappointments, The Lord birthed an awesome ministry known as the Heavenly Hands Ministries out of the womb of Prophetess Atrice Brown. Heavenly Hands Ministries acknowledges God’s power, presence, and revelation through intercessory prayer that he could deliver a confused and troubled generation. This ministry has achieved measurable success during the past years by providing the Morning Glory Prayer line and the No More Victims Conference, which is held annually designed to reach lost souls men, women, boys, and girls regardless of Color or Creed, however there is a Special Passion for Hurting/Abused Woman which produced God’s Rare Rubies. Prophetess Brown is also the Visionary of Heavenly Nation, a group of core individuals that assist her in pushing the vision and purpose in ministry that God has given her. Prophetess Brown has Destiny in View.