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Actively involved in her community Prophetess Atrice Hubbard Brownsponsors a yearly homeless drive to help those that are less fortunate.

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A powerful speaker, preacher, teacher and conference MC please consider booking Prophetess Hubbard Brown for your next event.

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As many await the release of her testimony in her self entitled book  Finding My Own Shoes. Check our ministry store for our up and coming products.

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Welcome to Heavenly Hands Ministry website of Prophetess Atrice Hubbard Brown also known as #therooftoppreacher of Birmingham, Alabama. Prophetess Brown is fast becoming a powerful speaker on the gospel circuit operating in a truly anointed and powerful ministry of deliverance, teaching and preaching the un-compromised word of God. Prophetess Brown also is the founder of the No More Victims Conference which has been growing for 6 years straight with powerful testimonies of healing and deliverance.